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Custis Bike Trail

The Custis Bike Trail connects to the Mt. Vernon Trail, C&O Towpath, Rock Creek Park Trail, and The Mall to the east, and the W&OD Trail to the west. Access to the 4.5 mile long Custis Bike Trail is available directly beyond the back lawn of the Circle Condominium. The Trail was created as a compromise between those who did not want Interstate 66 to be built inside the Capital Beltway, and those who wanted to build an even wider expressway. Most of the intersecting paths have interchange-like ramps onto the Custis Trail. Because of the many blind curves, the maximum safe speed on this trail is around twenty miles per hour. Pedestrians and joggers make frequent use of this trail as well. Other interesting features on this trail are man-made ponds, a pedestrian bridge to Civil War trenches, and periodic water fountains. Both the Custis Bike Trail and Interstate 66 roughly follow the right-of-way of the Rosslyn branch of the old Washington and Old Dominion Railroad. Circle residents are often seen on the trail carrying groceries and seasonally appropriate beverages from their leisurely strolls to the local Lyon Village Shopping Center.

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